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First Class Honours in Fashion Photography at Leeds Arts University

MA in Fashion Photography at UAL London College of Fashion (pending)

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Ellesha Doubleday is a fashion and fine art photographer, self portrait artist, 3D image artist and digital collage maker from Wigan and is accessible between Manchester and London. Her feminist driven work is humorous, overly sexualised and grotesque and often includes a combination of highly styled models and self-portraits. 

Her sex positive work aims to break down taboos on societies standards for women through comedy and controversy. Topics explored so far include the sexual objectification of women’s bodies which she visualises through exploiting her own, fetish, diet culture, body and age diversity and vanity and self-obsession within a social media led world.

Her work is inspired by a range of mediums. Initially inspired by sex and fetish documentaries, sexist music from the 1970s and various fine artists. In her most recent work SELF POOTRAITS she’s taken inspiration from internet memes, grotesque and controversial satirical comedy and extreme female collage from the Dada movement.

She creates her ideas through visualising her life experiences as a young woman and making a mockery of them as she believes comedy and art can be incredibly impactful in spreading awareness of topical issues.

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